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In a Time of Fallen Heroes: The Re-Creation of Masculinity -

A New Psychology of Men

REAL BOYS: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood


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New Psychotherapy for Men

Edited by William S. Pollack and Ronald F. Levant

In New Psychotherapy for Men, leading figures in the field of men's psychology explore the psychological sources of men's emotional difficulties and offer specific techniques to help therapists overcome men's resistance to therapy. With the help of full-length case studies, they trace the sources of emotional and psychological disturbances in men and present new models for assessing and treating men's unique emotional difficulties. This book illuminates the unhealthy aspects of masculinity through the lens of gender role strain, creating state-of-the-art, gender-specific treatments for men.

Major issues addressed in New Psychotherapy for Men include:

  • Reluctant men in couples therapy
  • Group therapy for traditional men
  • Gender role strain in the family system
  • Recognizing and treating depression in men
  • Men's shame and trauma in therapy
  • Gender role strain as a factor in male impotence
  • Treating male violence
  • Helping men find a voice for their feelings
  • Adapting Psychodynamic therapy for men

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